‘Super-size’ classrooms show impact of Tory neglect claims Barnsley MP

Barnsley East MP Stephanie Peacock has called for urgent action after revealing over three thousand pupils in Barnsley primary schools are now being taught in “super-size” classes.

Ms Peacock, herself a former teacher, claims that the new figures show the effect of Government neglect of the education system, as school budget cuts and teacher shortages have forced nearly one in five primary school pupils into class sizes of over 30.

The statistics, from the independent House of Commons Library, show that 3414 Barnsley primary pupils are now in classes of over 30 pupils.

Of those students, 195 of those are in classes of 36 or more children, and one class is thought to have 45 pupils.

This means that more than one in six Barnsley primary school pupils are now in over-size classes.

Said Ms Peacock: “These figures just show the impact of the Tories’ neglect of Barnsley’s schools.

“Local head teachers are facing a budget squeeze from Tory cuts, and our kids are paying the price. As a former teacher myself, I know how important reasonable class sizes are for teaching.

“I know how hard teachers work, and it’s a testament to them that despite the difficulties faced by schools across Barnsley we have still seen success in attainment levels.

“But instead of tackling the shortage of teachers, the Government has missed its recruitment target in each of the last five years.

“We need to recruit and retain enough teachers to cover every class, and build new schools where they are needed.

“We should give every child the education they deserve rather than cramming them into super-sized classes. I’m demanding action to get a better deal for Barnsley East’s children, and that means fair treatment for Barnsley’s schools.”


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